Blowing Up Whales

Saw this earlier.

Would be remiss of me not to post this.


“When icebergs scrape against each other it’s like running your finger around the rim of a wine glass.”. –

An ambient soundbed for stressful times,
whales’ noises fill relaxation CDs,
open seas and icebergs on the covers.

The most sensitive devices will capture
this chatter on the wires, to be misheard
like Chinese whispers or tales after school,

but listen, you’ll sense the cetacean fury
in songs about growlers, glacier-surfing,
ice-calving and splashes of Bergy bits.

Our Hydrophones are recording the sound
of break-up songs, pulses and beats
repeated over a bassline of bloops

to form this soundtrack to the end of days
that plays while we run freshly-licked fingers
round the wine-glass rim of the earth.

First published in Fenland Poetry Journal, Spring 2020

In other blowing up whales news, I should also link to this e.g my other exploding Whale poem. I assume every poet has at least two.

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