Godrevy, Cornwall after a nudge from Simon Armitage

I’m waiting on starting a new job at the moment – I start a week today, and I’ve had a few weeks off. I was planning on reading shedloads of stuff. I’ve got a backlog of things to read, and even got more from the library to plough through. As it is I’ve only managed to finish reading Simon Armitage’s Walking Away.

This is the counterpoint to his journey through the Pennines, Walking Home,  and it’s set along the south west coast. As I was reading it, I was hoping that it would mention some of the places that we stayed when on holiday last year, and lo and behold towards the end he did. He mentioned Godrevy beach, and what he has to say about it you will have to read yourself, but it chimes nicely with my recollection of the place,and it reminded me that I wrote this at the time.

Godrevy is home to the eponymous lighthouse of Virginia Woolf’s novel.

Godrevy, Cornwall

A warm front and back
as you emerge from
waves, waxy and surf shone.
Skipping over the sea’s wrought iron work
of spread out kelp and bladderwrack.

We can’t leap to the lighthouse off the coast,
A good eye reflecting back as we keep the wolf
from the door, and this to our self.
You take it from me on trust
that lichens are nature’s rust.

I have caught the sun
and hold it in my skin.
There is much to take from this
as keepsakes; we will pick up sticks and stones.
We will come back to this and then go on.

Scary beast fron Godrevy
Cornish alien discovered at Godrevy











Learning to bodyboard
Flo teaching me to bodyboard

It will be good to be back at work soon, but it has been ace being off. I’ve even managed to get some more writing done. There are a few more poems that have been worked on from a pile of about 50, some were little more than a title and a line, and they now have some sort of skeleton to work with – one literally so.

The work in progress file has the following in various stages of completion..:

  1. Smitten
  2. Hands 2
  3. Captain’s Pond
  4. Hands Free
  5. Curriculum
  6. Man Flu
  7. 20 year game of it
  8. Windows
  9. Hospital Supplies
  10. Goosebumps
  11. Desire Lines
  12. Song of the Security Guard
  13. Stars
  14. Powerline
  15. A Gift
  16. Unicycle
  17. Middle of nowhere
  18. Superman’s Day Off
  19. Water
  20. Snub
  21. Specialist Subjects On Mastermind
  22. Les Moliere, Sille De Guillame
  23. Uncaged
  24. No Tools
  25. Pop Science
  26. White Plates
  27. Webs
  28. Stone
  29. Geography of Bread
  30. Beached whale that got blown up
  31. Mirror Maker
  32. Passwords
  33. The Long Stretch
  34. Dog End Star
  35. Beachcombing
  36. Slinky
  37. Dry Patch
  38. Utter Aerosols
  39. Plain Sailing
  40. Programmatic
  41. Wait/Patience
  42. Archivists

I’ve also submitted a poem to the brilliant Poetry By Numbers, but I need to write an intro, and then hopefully that can get out into the wild.

Also I am gutted not to have managed to meet up with Rishi and Mark due to illness and work circumstances…By jove it will happen, and soon.

I’ll add that to the list then…