As these build up I should probably keep a record of them.

Obviously, I will urge you to read the other reviews you find on these sites

The Friday Poem
Will Harris – Rendang
Martha Sprackland – Citadel
Wendy Pratt – When I Think of my Body As A Horse
Stephen Payne: – The Windmill Proof
Richie McCaffrey: Coping Stones

The High Window
Patrick Cotter – Sonic White Noise

Happenstance OPOI
Lois Williams – Like Other Animals
Rebecca Gethin – A Sprig of Rowan
RM. Francis – Orpheus
Stewart Carswell – Knots & Branches 
(NB – Nice shout out from Stuart here )
Ciara MacLaverty – Past Love in the Museum of Transport
DA PrinceBookmarks
Maya Catherine PopaThe Bees Have Been Cancelled
Madeleine WurzburgerSleeve Catching Fire at Dawn
Hugo WilliamsTara Browne (1945 – 1966)
Victoria GatehouseThe Mechanics of Love
Joe Carrick-VartySomewhere Far
Warda Yassin, Tea with Cardamom
Ben Norris, some ending
Various, Dust
Jake Wild-Hall, Blank
Jane Lovell, This Tilting Earth
Mario Petrucci, Isha Upanishad
Anita Pati, Dodo Provocateur
Grace Willentz, Holding Distance
Jo Reed Turner, Becoming Faiake
Gareth Writer-Davies, The End
Celia A Sorhaindo, Guabancex
Paul Waring, Quotidian
Ed Helena Nelson, Ten Poems About Baking
Andy Armitage, Letters To A First Love From The Future
Lenni SandersPoacher
Claire WalkerCollision
Olivia WalwynEn Route
Joan LennonLittle Red Hat
Neil Elder – And The House Watches On
Tom Sharpe – The Weeping Cufflinks
CD Boyland – User Stories
Joe Williams – This Is Virus
Richie McCaffery – First Hare
Olga Dermott-Bond – apple, fallen
Ross Wilson – Letters To Rosie
Benjamin Cusden – Cut The Black Rabbit
Declan Ryan – Fighters, Losers
Martin Stannard – The Review
Grae J Wall – The Sound of Revolution
Rosalind Easton – Black Mascara (Waterpoof)
Leung Rachel Ka Yin – Chengyu Chinoiserie
John Killick – The Wordy-Gurdy Man
Gboyega Odubanjo – Aunty Uncle Poems
Joe Williams – The Taking Part
Kathrin Schmidt – Twenty Poems
Christopher Horton – Perfect Timing

London Grip
Suzannah Evans – Near Future 
Mike BarlowSome Kind of Ghost
Greg GilbertLove Makes A Mess of Dying
Graham CliffordWell
Colin DardisThe Dogs of Humanity
Rose Cook, Sightings
Clare BestEach Other
Jo YoungFiring Pins
Gail McConnellFothermather
Sue Rose – Scion
Hugh Underhill – The Human Heart
Suna Afshan – Belladonna
Rob Selby – The Coming Down Time
Rhian Edwards – The Estate Agent’s Daughter
Richie McCaffery – First Hare
Mike Barlow – translating silence
Arun Jeetoo – I Want to Be the One you Think About At Night
Jeremy Page – The Naming
Stewart Carswell- Earthworks