Hi, I’m Mat. I’m a Taurus. I was born in the Norfolk & Norwich hospital some years ago to parents. I was left on the roof for the first night to honour the fine Norfolk tradition. I survived the night which made me a “keeper”.

Since then I’ve done some other things and a few bits of stuff here and there. Some of it at work, some of it in my leisure time. I have a child and that means leisure time is a distant memory

This will largely be a place for idle rambling. I will try and publish as often as possible. Sometimes it may even be coherent.

From time to time I will post poems here, if they’re finished and no one else wants them. You mustn’t post them before then – I know that now.

Occasionally, I find that people want to put these poems in magazines and you can look at where on the published poems page. One day I’d like to find out if anyone wants to put them in in a book.

All feedback is good, Kevin Shields told me that.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Cheers Robert, thanks. That’s very kind of you to say.

      I intend to…both literally and metaphorically.

      • Curious as to the title of your blog. Is it anything to do with that beer commercial of several years back where the Canadian-sounding guy is going to Auchtermuchty?

  1. Hi, it is from a joke I heard in the pub once when I was about 14. I think it was me old mucker Dick The Stick that told it.

    It was a verbal gag about a misheard instruction. It’s meant to be a mangling of where the fuck’s that…

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