Title Giveaway

I’m going to collect all of the Title Giveaways here. New ones first each week. New ones in bold.

I explain why this here

Take what you want, do what you want with them.

  1. The Old Switcheroo 
  2. Trickier than pulling teeth out of a Hen
  3. Hen’s Dentist
  4. Never an Oeuf
  5. Len’s Flare
  6. Len’s Flair
  7. Boutros- Boutros Svengali
  8. Planting Fig Trees
  9. Guerilla Gardening
  10. Scabby Horse
  11. Start With the Punchline and Work Backwards
  12. Big Dogs
  13. Fog At the Edges of my Brain
  14. Dad Bod
  15. Dad, Bod
  16. Bod, Dad
  17. Bod Dad
  18. Light Seconds
  19. A Momentary Stay of Execution
  20. Toodlepip
  21. You Can Lead a Hose to Water
  22. Ironing Pile
  23. Maintaining The Status Quo status quo
  24. Lost in the K-Hope
  25. Magaluf Mega-cops
  26. Turn Out The Lights On Your Way Out
  27. You Look Like You’ve Lost A Fiver And Found Ten Pence
  28. Selection Box
  29. Sock Curry
  30. Boxsets and Blankets
  31. Even Lizards Succumb to Optical Illusions
  32. No Man Is An Iliad
  33. No Man is Isla St Clair
  34. Lizard Let Die
  35. What Is The Point of Arsenal Right Now?
  36. One Ill Octopus for Six Quid
  37. 300 Jars
  38. Build Me A Buttercup
  39. Die Fingermouse
  40. Deadball Specialist
  41. Fag Ash Lilt
  42. Prior Convictions
  43. Falseoreo – (A name for non-branded Oreos as invented by Florence and sounds like Shakespeare character)
  44. How to Put a Fez on an Alien
  45. Man, You Got Banned From a Bookshop
  46. Priority Seat
  47. Orthopaedic Hovercraft (Credit to my wife for this one)
  48. The Screaming of Rhubarb
  49. Darkness on the Edge of Tans
  50. Burnt Parsnips
  51. Gestation Periods
  52. Don’t Listen to Joe Dolce
  53. Compressed Sea Creatures
  54. Burning Things
  55. Sunday Best
  56. Gospel Science
  57. Sexy Talk
  58. Mrs Marple’s Marbles
  59. Mono Lake’s Bizarre Roundworms
  60. Terrible Mammoth Drawing
  61. Silky Grundies
  62. A Bag of Badgers
  63. Roadies
  64. Tin Can Tourists
  65. Tracking The Tick Boom
  66. Magnificent Mailboxes
  67. Oulu Groke
  68. Abyssal Wasteland
  69. Deflated balloons
  70. Self-cleaning Fridges
  71. Roombas On Their Night Off
  72. Clown Computing
  73. Chauffeur Knowledge
  74. Radical Candour (As seen on a slide at work)
  75. Menacing Tumbleweeds
  76. Olu Groke
  77. Tiny Plant Comeback
  78. The Declining
  79. Sunlit Uplands Retirement Home
  80. Vacuuming Nude
  81. This is the Cloning of the Age of Aquarius
  82. Heavenly Bamboo
  83. Squashes
  84. Piggy Back Racing
  85. Here’s to Finding Out Things
  86. Yeah, Whatever
  87. Washed Up, On A Beach
  88. Trampoline Blues
  89. Null and Void
  90. Pretzel Regret
  91. Affordable Horsing
  92. Slip on shoes should be banned
  93. A dying owl looks back
  94. I find myself caught in the arms of a colossal squid and I don’t want to be let out
  95. Hard hats to follow
  96. Semioticians take twice as long to unpack
  97. Semiotic Ian
  98. Blood Sugar Sex Mattress
  99. A Collie Wobbles
  100. Moon Butter Sculpture
  101. A Line of Best Fit
  102. If you say Squiggle one more time…
  103. That was never out…
  104. Rutger Hauer’s Finest Hours
  105. Duvet? No, it’s Christmas
  106. GDPR Workshop
  107. They had Phil Collins in mind when you were conceived
  108. Scraping the floor at the Barrel makers
  109. Should Poets Have KPIs?
  110. Instrument Amnesty (Thanks to my daughter’s school for the email title)
  111. On Playing War Pigs for the First Dance at your Wedding
  112. Sounding Bored
  113. Invalid Captcha
  114. Welcome to my Ted Talk
  115. Sighs of a Cow
  116. Magnets
  117. HD TV
  118. The Chick Pea Revolution
  119. Climbing onboard an above average height horse
  120. Panda Quotidian (Thanks to Flo for this one)
  121. Watching The Cure
  122. In Twenty Minutes
  123. So Got to Go
  124. Pocket Squares
  125. Section by section, we laid the track
  126. Frog, March
  127. Full Court Press
  128. Boxer’s Break
  129. The Devil’s Avocado
  130. Gold Dust Variations
  131. Auto Recovery File
  132. Exertion Headache
  133. Peeling The Finch
  134. Hip Gardener
  135. Three Square Meals
  136. Metro Gnomic
  137. Suds Law
  138. The Search For Martian Fettucine*
  139. No Rushes
  140. Dunking Biscuits
  141. Who Wants To See My Arse?
  142. Ankle Knack
  143. Sandwich Fillings You Never Expected
  144. Nest of Wankers
  145. Sideways Looks
  146. Stunner
  147. Sweet Jesus, That’s Ridiculous…And I Like It
  148. The Court Might Be Yours, And There May Be A Ball In It, But It’s My Ball And I’m Taking It Home
  149. A Chicken And Egg Situation
  150. The Finished Schematics For A Chicken And An Egg
  151. If I Had To Chose
  152. Poem With Backing Vocals
  153. Torreador of Uncertainty
  154. Who Wants to Win The League anyway
  155. Hitchcock’s Hatchback
  156. Florida Keycutter
  157. When Your Pilot is a Juggalo
  158. Kiss My Device Graph
  159. Spoilers
  160. A Gottle of Geer
  161. Pelf on the Shelf
  162. Erotic Cake-Dancing
  163. Sticklebricks and Sticklemortar
  164. Collaborative Salad Making
  165. More Dynamite for your Dollar
  166. A Smattering Tragedy*
  167. Hand-reared 
  168. Arranging Aquatic Birds in a Linear Fashion
  169. Pulled Muscle Cars
  170. Poem Written as an Instrumental
  171. Nicky, Louder
  172. Mesopotamian Lullabies**
  173. Christmas Card Lust***
  174. Now that’s what I call a deck chair
  175. Keeping Obituaries on File
  176. The Onset of Twats
  177. Retirement Home for Fly-By-Nights
  178. Simon of the Times
  179. People Can Act Like Rivets If You Need Them To
  180. The Unbearable Lightness of Beading
  181. Blanket Bans
  182. Stalking the Back Roads
  183. The Inventor of Ironing
  184. Catalan Dog
  185. Bloodletting Agent
  186. Slinging Hooks
  187. 60-Day Bed Rest
  188. Squids of Oahu
  189. Cows Around The World
  190. Seaside Fatberg
  191. Fancy Baby Boot
  192. Egyptian Egg Ovens
  193. Unsolved Mysteries
  194.  For The High Jump
  195. 2. Hogwash
  196. 3. Disco Cowboy Hat
  197. 4. Driver Analysis
  198. 5. Four He’s A Jolly Good Fellows
  199. Persona Non-Starter
  200. Dog Treats
  201. Dodo Starter Kit
  202. The day I replaced your shampoo with glue
  203. Awkward Squad Roll Call
  204. Toreador of Uncertainty
  205. Very Tres Bon
  206. A Path Through The Hair Forest
  207. Loop The Loop
  208. Friday’s Never Been Good For Fighting, But It’s Good For Fish & Chips