Poet In (Media) Res(idence)

Ideally I should be clever enough to start this in all in the middle of the story before skipping back to the start, but I’m not clever enough for that, so it’s not happening anytime soon.

I saw this blog by Amber Massie-Bloomfield being shared on the Twitters earlier in the week on writing habits and the idea of writing in the same places at the same times, of getting a routine in place. However, the author of the post comes down on the side of stealing time and places anywhere and whenever you can – a bit of organised chaos.

And that feels more like me than the idea of being sat at my desk by a certain time each day like Nick Cave or Haruki Marukami —that said, I’m more up for the Hunter S. Thompson approach (without the grot)

A day job sort of gets in the way of writing time each day and I’ve been setting my alarm for 6am for the last ten years with the express intention of writing for an hour before the house gets up. Given that I think I’ve managed that perhaps twice since then, I suspect it’s not going to be a winner. And perhaps it doesn’t need to be.

On the same day as reading that blog post, I joked on Twitter with Rishi about being poet-in-residence at ITV.

That said, Rishi’s more than welcome to write the ITV poem…

And actually, I think the office may actually be where I get more work done. I try to use my lunch hour as a place to work on poems.

The act of carving out my lunch hour has been productive. It forces me to take a lunch break and get away from the spreadsheets and email of it all, but it also forces me to work on stuff without procrastinating. I know I have a finite amount of time and that has to include eating, so 30-40 minutes to work on something can be almost as good as an entire day.

At least two out of five days I will manage this – the bloody stats are creeping in even now.

I’m at home right now and the temptation to procrastinate is too strong. While I’m typing this I’ve checked my RSS feeds and seen Josephine Corcoran’s latest post about working in an empty house vs distractions.

The timing couldn’t be better. Now I just need to either convince my family to move out or go to the office on a Sunday evening.


  1. Climbing onboard an above average height horse
  2. Panda Quotidian (Thanks to Flo for this one)
  3. Watching The Cure
  4. In Twenty Minutes
  5. So Got to Go


4oK run – Including 11k today and 15K on Thursday, only one trip to the pub after.

1 trip to the top of The Gherkin

1 HapWrap sent for Nell Nelson’s Wrapper Rhymes Project

1 pamphlet submission sent to Against The Grain

1 pamphlet submission rejected by Live Canon

1 experiment with a goatee beard. It’s gone now.

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Read: More of David Clarke’s The Europeans

Watched: Some Glastonbury coverage, Love Island, Fear The Walking Dead S4

Listened to: Every single Do Make Say Think album, Ilya Kamisky’s Deaf Republic on R4 (Parts One and Two – I must play the others), American Music Club’s San Francisco and Mercury, Colossal Squid’s I Lost Detroit, Beak>’s Life Goes On, Liam Gallagher destroy Oasis songs at Glastonbury

3 thoughts on “Poet In (Media) Res(idence)

  1. I’ve had the whole of today (from 10.30am) to myself and I’ve done nothing. Feeling pathetic and useless. But there’s always tomorrow. I think Philip Gross wrote somewhere about poetry being able to trickle in between the gaps of every day living. He put it more beautifully, of course. Off to watch The Cure now. Thanks for the mention and have a good week! J x

    • Don’t feel pathetic or useless, you’re anything but. Totally agree with Gross on his point. Didn’t know it before now though.

      Yes, watching the Cure now. I adore them. X

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