Win Some/Lose Some

Bit late ( as per my promise to myself to post once a week) so pretend it’s still Sunday.

Accidentally got a bit pissed yesterday afternoon after the North Downs Half Marathon, so didn’t manage to write this yesterday.

A win some (not winsome) and lose some week..

I managed to sneak in under the wire for the June edition of Visual Verse with a poem called Clashing and based on this picture by Craig Carry.

The formatting of the poem went a bit awry—it shouldn’t have all the gaps between the lines. I’m sure it looked ok when I uploaded it, but nevermind.

I’m still pleased it made it up there. I’m always slightly reticent to send them in. Obviously, Visual Verse is an amazing thing, but given the premise of an hour to write a response to the image, it’s effectively a first draft being posted, but if it’s published, you’re then ruling out the ability to send a final draft anywhere. Is there an official line on this anywhere?

Perhaps I can get Judge Rinder to make a ruling on this!!

Anyhoo, the poem as it stands is here. Do make sure to read all of the others, and also have a bash at this month’s image. It’s a corker.

By Craig Carry

This acceptance was counter-balanced by a rejection from The North. Which made me sad, it’s my second attempt and I will try again.

The sting of the rejection was tempered by a lovely bit of encouragement. I won’t share it, but it gives me hope. And, of course, I’m looking forward to the next issue of The North.

The was also some mixed feedback from Nell Nelson at Happenstance as part of her subscriber feedback. 2 poems out of six got the all clear, but the other 4 were essentially a bit too obscure. I totally get what she’s saying and so it’s back to the drafting board. Although one may just “go to the farm”.

Finally, I wrote a new poem. My god, it happened. Well, it was a new draft of something started in 2017 – that basically counts as a new poem, right?


  1. Sighs of a Cow
  2. Magnets
  3. HD TV
  4. The Chick Pea Revolution


26K running – Including today’s half marathon (finished in 2hrs 29) and 5K on Thursday – just to test my legs still went in front of each other

1 trip to the top of The Gherkin

2 poems drafted. One is draft 20, one is draft 2

1 rejection note from The North. Tough, but tempered with niceness and an encouraging comment

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Read: Finished David Clarke’s The Europeans, Started Paul Deaton’s A Watchful Astronomy, John Mole’s A Different Key.

Watched: Love Island, Who Dares Wins (Thanks to a mate sending me the DVD)

Listened to: Ilya Kamisky’s Deaf Republic on R4 (Parts three and four), Cowboy Junkies’, Pale Sun Crescent Moon, Thom Yorke, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Explosions In The Sky, How Strange, Innocence (20!!! Years old), The Rescue and The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, Akira Kosemura, One Day and various playlists and, of course, The Archers

World’s Greatest Loser by Margo Price