The gift that keeps on giving

Yesterday was a bit of a shocker for the poetry world, the death of Roddy Lumsden has hit a lot of people hard. He seemed to be a poet that was very much about celebrating other poets and bringing people into the fold – I’ve seen a lot of folk talking about this on various social medias…celebrations of the man, tempered with grief at his loss. My thoughts are with them and with his family.

I didn’t know much of his work, but what I did know I liked. His was a body of work that I have always been getting round to – on the mental list of poets to get hold of. I only have one of his books, The Bells of Hope, which I like a lot, so I have no idea why I’ve not gone further with his stuff, but I’m sure I’ll get round to it.

For now, here are two poems from The Bells that I really like and seem to be apt for the moment.

The Haunt, The Bells of Hope
The Approximation, The Bells of Hope

In the spirit of trying to spread some poetry-based joy I have two books to offer up. I find I have spare copies of Polly Atkin’s ‘With Invisible Rain‘ and Paul Stephenson’s ‘The Days That Followed Paris‘.

Both are excellent books that deserve a loving home. I will happily send them on to anywhere in the UK – either both or to separate homes. Leave me a message below and I’ll be in touch. * UPDATE – THESE HAVE NOW GONE*

Polly Atkin, With Invisible Rain
Paul Stephenson, The Days That Followed Paris


  1. Dad Bod
  2. Dad, Bod
  3. Bod, Dad
  4. Bod Dad
  5. Light Seconds


36.5k running – The 0.5 is very important.

13 days on the bounce of running.

2 Poems worked on – Cycle and Working Out.

1 Running Club set up, possibly – more news later

1 utterly awesome bit of news

10 days without cigarettes. We’ll see.

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Sightings – Kathleen Jamie
North, #63
Gopagilla – Roy Marshall

The Masked Singer, Succession (S2E2), Knives Out, The Dark of the Sun, The Dirty Dozen, Hidden (eps 4-8)

Listened to: 
Tindersticks, No Treasure But Hope, The Waiting Room, Falling Down A Mountain
Girl Ray, Girl
Emily Capell, Combat Frock
The Go-Betweens, Spring Hill Fair
Screaming Trees, Sweet Oblivion
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan, Everything Sacred & Neuk Wight Delhi
Mogwai, Kin
Grandbag’s Funeral – A new podcast
and of course, The Archers…