If I may be permitted to quote Eddie Murphy’s character, Billy Ray, from Trading Places…MERRY NEW YEAR!!!

Incidentally, is Trading Places a Christmas film? If Die Hard is, can Trading Places be categorised in a similar way??? Yep, dealing with the big questions in 2020…

Now, I’m not one for the making of and the hanging of hats on huge resolutions. Been there, done that, can no longer fit into the T-shirt, but this month I’ve set myself the challenge of running every day in January. I’m trying to run 5K a day, but even one will do.

It’s part of a campaign called Red January by MIND to raise awareness of mental health issues. I was first introduced to it by a dear friend last year. He subsequently went on to run every day in 2019 – and has even kept it going into 2020. It’s quite astounding his dedication to this, and I suspect a lot of his persistence is down to habit and momentum: the act of showing up is at least half the battle, etc.

If I was a total wanker (or more of one), I’d attempt to make some sort of connection between the act of running every day and the idea turning up at the page every day to make an effort – eg for just 30 minutes, but I worry that I’d be tempted to call it something like ReJaRuMo.

And while I’m not casting aspersions on things like NaPoWriMo – it’s just not something for me. I’ve tried it and I didn’t like it. I think every draft of anything written during that time has been consigned to the rejects pile.

I’m sure the act of getting out and about will yield something useful somewhere down the line – the chance to let my mind wander will help. Maybe, I should read a draft of something and repeat it to myself as I run to find new ways into it – assuming my breath holds out for long enough. It can be hard enough to breath to stay alive sometimes, let alone chant half-finished poems.

We’ll see – let’s finish January and see if I’m still alive. It’s only day five, but there’s lots to look forward to.


  1. A Momentary Stay of Execution
  2. Toodlepip
  3. You Can Lead a Hose to Water
  4. Ironing Pile
  5. Maintaining The Status Quo status quo
  6. Lost in the K-Hope
  7. Magaluf Mega-cops


39.8k running – The 0.8 is very important.

3 Poems worked on – Having said all of the above, I’ve managed to sit down today and work on some stuff: Phantom Settlements, Cycle and Working Out.

2 Days back at work

4 days without cigarettes. We’ll see.

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Sightings – Kathleen Jamie
North, #63
The Long Woman – Charlotte Gann
A fascinating article about Paper Towels Vs Hand -Dryers (No, comeback..)

Guilt (Available on iPlayer till Wednesday), The Masked Singer

Listened to: 
The National, High Violet, Boxer, Alligator, Cherry Tree, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers, Trouble Will Find Me, I Am Easy To Find, Sleep Well Beast, The National
and of course, The Archers…