The blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds

I’ve been reading Charles Simic this week (well, over the course of a few weeks, but I’ve dipped back in this week). As I leafed through I saw this poem, My Turn To Confess by Charles Simic.

Charles Simic, My Turn To Confess
Charles Simic, My Turn To Confess (The last 3 lines)

As soon as I read the first line of this it set me off thinking about a song by Galaxie 500. The first line of which is “I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit / and the dog refused to look at it”. It’s given me the idea to start a series of infrequent meetings between poems and songs. I’ll host these informal gatherings here.

It’s also seemed fair to do this this week after the 250th anniversary of Wordsworth. I’ve seen lots of mention of his poem about daffodils…I can’t remember the title right now, but I thought I’d pair his poem (sort of) with a band that were subsequently named by the poem that was born out of the poem below.

The New, Fast, Automatic Daffodils

I could have chosen any number of NFADS songs, but this is a great tune…

Next instalment of the soon to be popular poem and song pairing some time soon…I’ll think of a better name by then.

Now, sometimes these things just write themselves.

I saw this tweet at the start of the week from Doncaster Council. It’s worth noting that I have no connection to Doncaster – the tweet was shared by a lot of folks. Clearly they made some strong points about the virus thing, but I’m trying to avoid that much as possible here, so we’ll focus on the rotting whale carcass part for now…(Please note, I didn’t set out to use that phrase today).

It reminded me of a poem I wrote about this very event, inspired by this news article.

It’s nice when Doncaster Council’s twitter feed catches up with you. The poem is on the published poems page here. See if you can work out which one it is.

I still love the sound of the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.


16k running – Better than last week. 10k on Saturday helped me find my way back..Hopefully I can pull myself back together as the weeks go by.

1 poem finished. Currently called ‘People Tell Me Talking to Plants Is Good For Them’, but that may change. Does that mean it’s finished?

2 Poems worked on. – One that may be me just getting my lockdown poem out of the way so I can bin it.

7 Billion Hangouts for work

1 wet shave – First time in about 5 years. It feels very odd

Over 157 days now for submissions being out with Tangerine, Magma, North and Lonely Crowd. I should count from the window closing and I’m not complaining (much) about waiting, but I’d love to just know one way or the other.

3 days without cigarettes. Fits and starts, yeah!!

1 review submitted

3 reviews published – see reviews page

1 game of Machi Koro

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green



  1. I Really Like You, Gumbo
  2. Cods Will Be Cods
  3. Yes Chef


Charlotte Gann – Noir
Charles Simic – New & Selected Poems 1962- 2012

Schitts Creek S6. E10-14 (Oh god, the tears…)

True Detective, S3 E4-5
Avenue 5 – Ep S3-9

Listened to:

Still going back through old albums…via iTunes to avoid killing the wifi while streaming.

Bill Janovitz – Walt Whitman Mall
Black Serpent Choir – ST
Calexico – Spiritoso
Chemical Brothers – Born In The Echoes
Laura Veirs – Carbon Glacier & Year of Meteors
Michael Head & Red Elastic Band – Adios Señor Pussycat
Cowboy Junkies – Ghosts
Frances Quinlan – Likewise
Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn – ST
Black Tambourine – Complete Recordings
Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde, Down In The Groove
Freddie Hubbard & Art Blakey- Feel The Wind
Frank Black – Teenager of the Year
George Harrison – All Things Must Pass
Hem – Departures and Farewells, Eveningland, Funnel Cloud
The Temptations – House Party
Unwed Sailor – The White Ox
Van Morrison – Beautiful Vision
John Prine – Bruised Orange, Diamonds In The Rough, German Afternoons (RIP JP)
I Blame Coco – The Constant
The Hold Steady – Boys & Girls In America
Heron Oblivion – ST
Abba – Ring Ring
Buffalo Tom – Big Red Letter Day, Quiet & Peace
Buffy Saint-Marie – Illuminations
Built To Spill There Is No Enemy
Craig Finn – I Need A New War
The Cure – Anniversary
Pearl Jam – No Code
British Sea Power – Open Season, Sea of Brass
Taylor Swift – Lover
Bruce Springsteen – Darkness On The Edge of Town, Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ
Teenage Fanclub – Songs From Northern Britain
Laura Marling – A Song For Our Daughter
Neil Cowley Trio – The Face of Mount Molehill

The Poet Laureate Retires To His Shed – Anthony Gormley

and of course, The Archers…(It’s very good at the moment, but when will they mention Covid 19???)