We’re all out the other side of it. Why do we do it to ourselves? I have very mixed feelings about it – the feeling that you have to write something, anything every day does feel very forced to me, but then when I’m in it it feels good – even to scratch out a haiku about glasses or six lines of gibberish.

I’m not sure I will do it again next year given that I’ve not edited or processed the one I wrote at the same time last year…

However, these are the titles I have from this year. All subject to change and I reckon 28 of them will never get out of first gear, but who knows..who cares?

  1. Wild Mood Swings
  2. Glasses/Spec
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Poet & Reviewer
  5. Speech at the Alternative Oscars
  6. Geschirrkratzer
  7. Teacher’s Outlook
  8. Parkour
  9. Dog & Pony Show
  10. Explaining The Joke
  11. Eddie’s Kennel
  12. Holding Pattern
  13. Sour Grapes
  14. Tea Ceremony
  15. Inspector Sands
  16. Caravaggio’s Candles
  17. Poker Face
  18. Leum Kleun
  19. Komorebi
  20. Inosculation
  21. Screwed
  22. Humphrey Davy
  23. The Time To Cut A Stick
  24. The Market Researcher Falls In Love While Scanning For Answers To Prove A Point 
  25. Notes towards Seeing The Light
  26. Knuckle/Cigarette
  27. Breasts/Awful Simic
  28. Microwave
  29. The Trapdoor Matriarch
  30. The Clothes Horse
  31. Racing Post/Shit Waldron