A Confession

Not a reference to the excellent drama currently available on the ITV Hub. I’d also recommend signing up to ITV Hub+ – £3.99 a month and no ads – what’s not to like. Right, sales pitch over.

No, not the programme, but it does involve work.

I was having a coffee with someone from a research agency on Thursday, we were discussing a brief I’d sent them for a project that I think will be really interesting. It’s all about “Toxic Brands” and I’ve given it the codename: ‘Project Britney’. I’m quite pleased with myself for this.

Anyhoo, that’s not what I’m confessing, I was more amazed that during the course of the conversation I casually mentioned that I write poetry…like it was nothing at all (Leave it!!). I could still feel the nerves as I knew I was about to say out loud, but I bloody did it.

I can’t understand why the reticence to say it – everyone that I know knows, eg Parents, friends, work colleagues, but I’m taking it as a positive that I said it anyway.

Odd the funny little things that go through your head.