Published Poems

I should probably have some actual poems up here. I will add a few more at a later date

Vital Signs

Four nights of dossing beside you,
the lurch of your lungs wakes us both.
Your body tells you the wrong time.

You ask if we can leave this place.
I keep my hands at nine and three
for the one time I’ll drive your car.

You sleep, again, while deer parade
the empty roads. I dip the lights
to avoid any accidents,

as if killing you now
would make any difference.

Look, we’ve come this far,
let’s go the distance.

First published in The Interpreter’s House #65.
NB This is a revised version

The Breaks
Godrevy, Cornwall, August 2014

We’ve stopped here every day
this week, for an hour at least,
window shopping the sights.

The lighthouse off the coast
is weather-worn, a guide that
brings us back to our senses.

We’ve loads to wring from each
and every look at this scene,
let it sink in, then leave.

I’ve caught the sun and hold
it tighter still in my skin;
ramping the tension up.

The homemade snacks are gone,
but feeling blue in this light,
near this water, is hard.

Your warmed-up front and back
emerge, all tired from the waves,
sea-salt covered, surf-shined.

We sit and watch you skip
over the wrought ironwork
made by the bladderwrack.

We swear returns and take
a stone per head, souvenirs
discarded once we get home.

First published in Obsessed With Pipework #79 & Mary Evans Picture Site.
NB This is a revised version