Falcon, Falcoff

Yes, I know it’s not…etc. Photo by Ahmed Badawy on Unsplash

Where does the time go, eh? It’s been a month of missed weekly posts and IT DOESN’T MATTER ONE JOT!!

In that month I can barely say what’s happened, but I can confirm I completed Race To The King and went to the funeral of the magnificent Lorraine Gray. I was asked to read, alongside my two closest friends, Adrian Henri’s ‘Without You‘ (and that reminds me, I must order Andrew Taylor’s book about Adrian), some other folks read Auden’s ‘If I Could Tell You’, so it was a beautiful, poetry-filled event…(Oh yes, and very, very boozy, but it’s what she would have wanted.)

So much of the last few weeks have been spent fixated on that run and then Lol’s funeral that I now find myself a bit bereft of focus. The football has been a welcome distraction, but concentrating on anything seems to escape me at present. I sat down earlier to try and look at a poem for the first time in a month, and while I know the ideas are ok, nothing grabbed me enough to want to write more of them. I was listening to Johnny Marr’s interview with our esteemed laureate yesterday while on a tip run and he talked about turning up, the act of craft, etc and I think perhaps I am out of practice. My habit of daily writing has fallen way by the wayside (as has writing these posts), so it’s time to do something about that. Not, again, that it matters either way…

However, I did, at least, manage to complete one of the many reviews I need to do, so there’s that, and I hope to see it up soon for The Friday Poem (and that’s a place that is going from strength to strength.

This week they published Flying The Lanner by Tony Curtis (a poet that’s new to me) and, in what will now be something of an incredulous leap, I can add to that a poem from the book Ive just reviewed that is also about falconry. As much as I enjoyed the writing about pigeons last November, I reckon falcons and the like are far more impressive.

My wife looked at me like I was an idiot when I named a falcon Dave. Falcon Dave was a falcon (I’m not being sponsored to write the word Falcon as much as possible, honest) we saw in a BBC documentary about Tube lines. They used FD to keep the pigeons out of the Tube Train’s garage. He seemed ace and I fixated on him. I’ve not seen him since, but FD has stayed with me for all that time. He still pops up in conversations every now and then.


Right, some football and then perhaps things can return to whatever constitutes normal. Oh yes, also go and read Matthew Paul’s excellent (in off the) post about football poems


13.5K , Some couch to 5k and an actual 5k as I work my way back to calf-confidence.
c.3 hangovers
1 funeral
12 hours of drinking.
person calling me Michael Stipe for  12 hours
1 toenail fallen off
2 x acceptances I won’t say yet as at least one of them merits a post on its own
1 rejection: Possibly more, but who’s counting apart from me
2 poems worked on: The Kimono Is Ope, Vitiligo
2 new Submissions: Bath Magg, Rialto
28 poems currently out for submission.
68 Published poems*: Was 69, but one was not used in the end, having been accepted.
41 Poems* finished by unpublished
27 poems* in various states of undress
554 Rejected poems* Eg I’ve decided they are not good enough
1 Review* e
5 reviews to write
1 weeks without cigarettes…
1 Days without drinking (if one glass of wine counts)
1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green

* To date, not this week. Christ!!


Tchaikovsky’s Knackers
Eyes down for a full horse
Collapsed Jung


John Bolland: Fallen Stock
Kate Fox: The Oscillations
River Woolton: Leap
Under The Radar
Wendy pratt: My Body As A Horse


The Bluetones: A New Athens
Lol 2020 PlaylistCounting Crows: August & Everything, Butter Miracle Suite One
Sleater Kinney: Path of Wellness
Lord Huron:Long Lost, Strange Trails
Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt: Made Out of Sound
Arlo Parks : Collapsed In Sunbeams
Kaylee Elizabeth: Playing With Fire
Flock of Dimes: Head of Roses
Dinosaur Jr: Sweep It Into Space
My Morning Jacket: Red Rocks 08/02/19, At Dawn, CH1: the Sandworm Cometh
Night Moves: Can You Really Find Me, Pennied Days
Sleeper: This Time Tomorrow
Laura Fell: Safe From Me
Liza Anne: Bad Vacation
Dropsonde – Running Playlist
Mega Bog: Happy Together
Alex Chilton: Bach’s Bottom
Emma-Jean Thackeray: Ley Lines, Rain Dance
Altin Gün: Gece
The Catenary Wires: Birling Gap
Jaga Jazzist: The Tower
Pink Floyd: A Saucerful of Secrets
The Pirate Ship Quintet: EP
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: And Now For The Whatcamacallit, High Visceral Pt2
P.I.L. : Flowers of Romance
Hem: Rabbit Songs, Funnel Cloud, Home Again Home Again, Eveningland, Departure & Farewell, The World Is Outside
Here We Go Magic: Different ShipsHeron Oblivion: ST
Hold Steady: Live 2019, Open Door Policy, Thrashing Thru The Passion, Teeth Dreams
Luke Sital-Singh: Time Is A Riddle
Mark Eitzel: Hey Mr Ferryman
Manfred Mann: Up The Junction OST
John Murry: the Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes
Land of Talk: Life After Youth
Hiss Golden Messenger: Quietly Blowing It
Albertine Sarges: The Sticky Fingers
Mdou Moctar: Afrique Victime
Ride: Going Blank Again
Various playlists for driving
The Go! Team: Get Up Sequences Part One
Asobi Seksu: CitrusPeter Broderick: How They Are
Phantom Band: Checkmate Savage, Fears Trending, Strange Friend, The Wants
Ryley Walker: Course In Fable, Deafen Glance
S.Carey: Range of Light, Supermoon EP
Sara Watkins: Young In All The Wrong Ways
Saxon Shore: The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore, Four Months of Darkness
The See Sees: Fountayne Mountain, Late Morning Light
She Drew The Gun: Revolution of Mind, Memories of Another Future
Sky Larkin: Kaleide
Talking Heads: Little Creatures
Tall Ships: Everything Touching, Impressions, There Is Nothing Here But Chemistry
This Is The Kit: Off Off On, Rusty And Got Dusty, Where It Lives
This Will Destroy You:
Those Dancing Days: In Our Space Suits
Tim Buckley: Dream Letter, Goodbye & Hello
Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream, Melon Collie..
Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan: Two of a Mind
Sonna: Keep It Together


Waking The Dead S4 E6-10, S5 E1, S6 9-10, S7 1-6
Breeders S2 E1-7Love Island Various
England V Germany,
France V Switzerland
Sweden V Ukraine
England Vs Ukraine
Italy Vs Spain
England Vs Denmark
England Vs Italy
Pretty Woman
Cannonball Run
The Silencers
A Town Called Bastard
15 Storeys E1-4

Zooms, etc
Grandbag’s Funeral Recording

The Archers
Grandbag’s Funeral
The Poet Laureate Goes To His Shed

Under The Radar
The Rialto (renewed Sub)
A pair of trousers (in the sale)

Under The Radar
Poetry Review
Acumen 99 and 100
Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal 6 (Twice!!)


3 thoughts on “Falcon, Falcoff

  1. Cheers, Matt. Personally, I think Irish Tony Curtis is marginally better than Welsh Tony Curtis, but they’re both fine poets. And well done on the run and reading the poem – never an easy feat to read at funerals.

    • Thank you, sir. Trust you’re opening the right beers about now. Also, damn you… now I have two poets to investigate.

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