Where Eagles Beware

Just read through last week’s post and discovered the phrase “eagle a fist”. I think, based on what had gone before I meant “waggle a fist”. Eagling a fist is perhaps a golfing term and as far as I am concerned I’m with Churchill on golf. He said it’s a shit sporting not to be bothered with.

I know there’s a more famous quote attributed to him, but this unattributed (and entirely made up) one is far better, IMHO.

I’ve been very lucky of late to have my ramblings picked up and included in Dave Bonta’s round up of weekly blogs, Via Negative. I find my gibbering in among a range of great posts where people make genuine sense, post interesting work of their own and generally look like they know what they are doing, and I am bemused as to how I got there.

However, it’s lovely to see and cheering. I am 99.9% confident that this week’s post won’t make the grade (Double dares Dave!!).

There’s nothing to say this week. I’ve continued my pre-work schedule of writing for about 30 – 45 minutes before switching to day job mode and I think it’s helping. I’ve made some progress on a couple of longer poems that have been hanging about for a while. I think the idea of the graft required to get them anywhere was subconsciously putting me off working on them, but nibbling away at them over the last two weeks has been quite restorative.

It’s interesting that it’s longer stuff that’s being worked on. I didn’t think I was a long poem kind of poet at all. The sustained level of thought didn’t seem like me at all, and perhaps it isn’t. The poems may well be shite, but I like the idea of a concise idea being spread out—if that’s not an oxymoron.

It’s also interesting in these times that it’s taken so long to get into a routine for myself; the work routine happened pretty much straightaway.

I think, for me, the end of summer and the return to school has shaken me out of the stupor a bit, made me accept the long haul of it all. There was a lovely quote from someone on an online research community for work that said something like, “At least if you’re in prison you know when you’re getting out pretty much to the day. Lockdown, etc isn’t like that – it’s the not knowing.”

I’m paraphrasing, but the point’s the same, and it’s taken me six months to come to terms with that. That said, that getting up and exercising then writing and then a full day off work has knackered me out. Today was the first day I’ve slept in for months…it was glorious, but I feel discombobulated by that. I can’t win.

In other news, three lovely things arrived this week that I am enjoying leafing through.


4 days of a new 7-minute workout. I will build this up, but it’s a start.

10.4k running – Lower this week due to cancelling this morning’s longer run – sleep and dodgy hamstrings made me think sleep was the better option

1 evening out with a couple of mates that was most enjoyable

1 meal out with Flo

1 shopping trip to Rough Trade for Flo to buy her first vinyl. Nice.

3 poems worked on. ‘OOO’, ‘Tea Breaks’ and one I can’t decide on a title for

2 days without cigarettes…I was doing well, again…

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Ornation Under A Groove
The Knights Are Drawing In
The Knights Are Colouring In
You Want A Piece of Me, no…not that one
You Know You’re In The Fire When The Frying Pan Looks Good
Batch Cooking


VA – Door To The Cosmos
Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)
Glenn Jones – Fleeting

The Go-Betweens
Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express

Stone Goat
World Music
Fuzzed In Europe
It’s Time For Fun
Live Ballroom Ritual

RM Hubbert
First & Last
Thirteen Lost & Found
Breaks & Bone

72-Hour Post Fight – ST and Not/Unglued
Smoked Sugar – ST
Manic Street Preachers – Futurology. (Every 6 months I try again with MSP and every time they bore me to tears)
Menomena – Wet And Rusting
Molina and Johnson – ST
Nice As Fuck – ST
Pearl jam – Gigaton

The Nudes
People Living With Animals, Animals Kill People
A Scuttled Blender In A Watery Closet
Teaching The history of Teaching Geography

Fleet Foxes – Shore
Explosions In The Sky – All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
Fleet Foxes – ST
Bedhead – Transaction De Novo
Ed Harcourt – Monochrome to Colour
Jealous of the Birds – Penisula

El Ten Eleven
Tautology III
Banker’s Hill
Fast Forward

Elbow – Giants of All Sizes
Laura Barton’s It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Playlist
Eric Andersen – Avalanche
VA – Fieldworks:Ultrasonic
Bonny Light Horseman – ST
Tangents – Timeslips
Mint Field – Sentimiento Mundial
Frank Black – ST
Fanny – Fanny Hill
National _ Boxer
John Hiatt – Mystic Pinball
David Axelrod – heavy AxeWilliam Ackerman – Imaginary Roads

Hangouts/Video Calls/Zoom/Etc (not for work)
The latest ep of Grandbag’s Funeral

Battlestar Galactica S2 E2-6
Selling Sunset S2 E7-8
The Truman Show

The Archers
Latest Episode of the excellent Grandbag’s Funeral

Frogmore Papers Sub
Dark Horse

Frogmore Papers Sub
A Nine Pens Mug
Alex MacDonald Pamphlet

Sarah Corbett: The Red Wardrobe, Other Beasts
Dark Horse 42

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