And when I get that feeling, I need ‘Statsual Healing’

I promised myself at the start of this year that I’d try and write a post every week of this year. I’ve pretty much achieved this (either by hook or by crook) and most of the time it’s usually ok coming up with a theme or finding something to write about, but I’ve found myself running out of steam in the last couple of weeks. I think it’s been a good thing to do and I definitely want to keep it going next year.

For starters, it’s meant that I’ve leapt straight to the top of Matthew Stewarts’ top Poetry Blogs of 2019 list…In with a bang!

In his round up Matthew mentions the slow withdrawal from blogging by a lot of poets. The reasons are multiple, for example people get busy, people get tired, they stop writing or the move to social media can have an impact, and far be it from me to say I’ll still have the energy for this in a year’s time, but for now I’ll keep going. Rejoice…Rejoice..

NB: He doesn’t say that it’s in any particular order, but I totally see that it’s a descending list. Well, I do for the purposes of this paragraph. Beyond this, it’s very much not—have you seen the list?


I think, given the closeness to the end of the year I think it’s safe to post these charts. I’m also doing this to attempt to tempt the Gods of submissions to accept a few more of the poems I have out at present just to mess these charts up.

Year On Year, figures…

On the face of things it’s been a good year for me, my acceptances have gone up – a 50% increase year-on-year. In the interest of clarity one of the poems accepted this year has been published in a previous year, but in an old version. I’ve also not included that year in the data as I think it better to concentrate on 2017 onwards. I started taking things more seriously then, so I’m looking at data from then too. Also worth noting that one of the 2019 poems won’t be available till Feb 2020, but the acceptance falls in this calendar year, so I’m having it now.

While being up YOY is a good thing, it’s worth factoring in the increase in submission numbers, an almost 100% increase (not charted). I also note that my success rate is actually getting worse. What I haven’t factored in is the type of place the acceptances are coming from – that feels like it’s a more qualitative assessment. I’ll save that for another time, but I will at least say that the year includes two sets of 3 poems published in print. I’m happy with that. There are still many places I’d like to be published in, but on balance I think I can be very happy with this year.

Almost everything I have that is unpublished is out there with mags at present, so the next few months are about generating some more finished work. I’d like some more poems to send out and hopefully increase the acceptances next year.

Now, what the blazes am I going to write about next week?


  1. Lizard Let Die
  2. What Is The Point of Arsenal Right Now?
  3. One Ill Octopus for Six Quid
  4. 300 Jars
  5. Build Me A Buttercup


28k running – Not a bad week. I’m 51K short of my 1300K target for the year. I think I can do it. It’s mad that I’m even contemplating this given where I was at this time last year.

4 Poems worked on – A Short Survey (I thought I’d finished this, but some new lines presented themselves), Working Out, Cycle and Follow That Taxi

1 shite result in the General election

1 Xmas present bought. Tomorrow’s job is to finish the rest.

0 days without cigarettes. I was doing so well, then had a bit of a relapse this week. Oh well, onwards and sideways…

2 reviews sent off  – You’ll see when you see.

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


Craft – Ed by Rishi Dastidar 
Dad, Remember You’re Dead – Jacqueline Saphra

1 Xmas present
1 x replacement copies of Rishi’s Break Of A Wave and Rebecca Perry’s Beaches that I’d given away

3 eps of Giri/Haji – Very much enjoying it

Listened to: 
The Hollies, Distant Light
Explosions In The Sky, Prince Avalanche and Manglehorn Soundtracks
Balmorhea, Constellations and Clear Language
Julian Cope , Citizen Cain’d and Dark Orgasm
The Cinema Under The Stairs Podcast, ep9
The Verb on Sports Writing
and of course, The Archers…

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