Do Androids Dream of Eclectic Sheep?

Not much to ponder on this week. A busy week at work and a skinful yesterday has left me a bit dry.

I’m mainly about the push towards the 28th November now for the Rogue Strands evening.

I plan to sit down and get things like the running order together, to look at how I might introduce the poets, what my own setlist will look like and can I do this evening without drinking?

It feels easy at present given how I feel right now – Note to self: You are not 25 anymore and day drinking is bad if not done in moderation.

On the other side of things, it’s worth drawing your attention to Matthew’s blog post promoting the first of our poets for the 28th – You are coming, yeah?

He’s written about Ramona Herdman and I suggest you read it now. I am pleased to say that the poem Ramona chose to share is one I’d highlighted in my copy of Under The Radar.

Read the blog post for the full poem, but you won’t be disappointed

It also couldn’t have been more prescient as he shared the poem on what turned out to be Bladerunner day, eg the day that Bladerunner ceased to be set in the future: 01.11.19. I always wanted to be Rick Deckard when I was a lad, so I am slightly biased towards this poem. I must get round to watching the sequel when I have a spare three hours.

In another spooky alignment, a Phillip K Dick book was waiting for me when I got back to work this week…

I’m looking forward to seeing who comes up next on his list, especially to see what slanderous scuttlebutt he says about me. However, it’s mainly to see the poems people have provided.


  1. Priority Seat
  2. Orthopaedic Hovercraft (Credit to my wife for this one)
  3. The Screaming of Rhubarb
  4. Darkness on the Edge of Tans
  5. Burnt Parsnips


17K running – Missed a run this week due to a visiting mother

0 Poems worked on Nada, nowt, zilch. Although, half an idea about a combination of Unwinese and Nadsat.

27 days without cigarettes. May have smoked yesterday, but it’s a blip.

1 rejection email – From Primers. There’s a magnificent looking shortlist of poets though, so I can’t wait to see who gets chosen.

1 flurry of submissions – Now I have a load of poems back I can send a load out again. That’s how it works

1 introduction to Stanley Unwin I’m pleased to have introduced someone to the work of Sir Stanley…

1 review published – Jane Lovell’s This Tilting Earth

1 more week that I’m not having an affair with Eva Green


The Doomed City by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky
Island of Towers, Clarissa Aykroyd


Not a lot, couple of Dublin Murders and a Rugby World Cup final..

Listened to:
Vetiver, Up on High, Thing of the Past
REM, Monster
Michael Kiwanuka, Kiwanuka
Anna Meredith, Fibs
808 State, Transmission Suite
and of course, The Archers…

A monster tune from before Vangelis wrote soundtracks, eg for Blade Runner

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