Half Term Report

We went camping at the start of the half-term week and spent 6 hours on motorways on our way to Devon. The weather was a mixed bag of cold, wet and occasional patches of sunshine. So much so that we came back a day early—we’re not the hardy campers we thought we were.

I managed to finish Sarah Maguire’s The Florist at Midnight under the light of my head torch, but didn’t get much editing done while I was away. However, our early return meant a day spare and I used it to work on two poems – one that’s been through the drafts (NINETEEN!!), had a spell in the rejects pile and then come back again. I think it’s finished now and I’m pleased it came back from the dead to live again.

The other one was relatively shorter drafts-wise – just the seven, and has achieved my fastest ever acceptance. I sent it out with three other poems on the 30th May, and it was accepted today by The Poetry Shed. It’s due out on 13th July and I’m very happy to have been accepted.

It’s a wonderful bookend to the week, as it started with my poem, Settling, going up on London Grip. And in the middle, my copies of Firth arrived. They look lovely. My copy is being read after I finish this, a copy is in my bag to go to Work and another copy has been dispatched to South Korea (the package also contained 21 Mars bars), so hopefully there will be a photo of that soon.

Not a bad week really.

Firth, Issue 3


  1. The Search For Martian Fettucine*
  2. No Rushes
  3. Dunking Biscuits
  4. Who Wants To See My Arse?
  5. Ankle Knack
    * Taken from the Guild of Scientific Troubadours website

The week in stats:

40K run – Including 18k yesterday

2 poem finished (You Should Believe the Awesome Power of Ad Blockers), & Goliath

1 poem worked on. Well one small sequence called Phantom Settlements

1 ankle twisted climbing over a fence last night to rescue ping pong balls. Drink may have been taken.

Read, seen, etc

Read: Finished reading Oliver Comins’ Oak Fish Island, Sarah Maguire’s The Florist’s at Midnight, Isabel Galleymore’s Significant Other

Watched: Arsenal be utter shite vs Chelsea, Chernobyl ep4, an episode of Schitts Creek and Liverpool Vs Spurs. Nice result Liverpool. We can’t have Spurs winning anything

Listened to: Here Come The Cherokees – The Cherokees, Cabbage Alley – The Meters, I Love My Friends – Stephen Duffy, Time And Place – Lee Moses & The Archers x 3

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