Out of Office Messages

I’m out of office this week for a few days, so the Out of Office message is on. I love putting it on and using it as a chance to say something silly. My last one was

“Hello, I’m currently on a training course for R. All the previous letters of the alphabet have been covered on other courses. I hope to get to Z by the end of April.

I am reading emails through matches in an attempt to keep my eyes open, I will try to respond when I can. Maybe I can come and talk to you about data science for beginners when I’m back in.”

However, I realise that I am an amateur compared to Rishi Dastidar, who writes poems in his. Read this article and you’ll see what I mean

Having introduced Rishi to the journalist that wrote the article,  Hephzibah  Anderson, I feel pleased to see this up and out there.

NB; Hepzibah and I went to Sixth Form College at the same time (and even shared a class with the lovely lady that is Bamber de Tessier Prevost), although I suspect she doesn’t remember me. I was a scruffy herbert and she was brilliant.

Obviously this is just all about OOO’s for the day job. I don’t think the OOO for writing is ever on or even exists. Even when at work I may still be making notes in meetings (Sorry boss) in my notebook, or in the Notes app on my laptop, in email drafts, on the backs of print outs, envelopes, my actual laptop (in pencil), anywhere I can.

I don’t think I have an office to be out of when it comes to writing. We converted a spare room to an office, but that now belongs to my wife. It’s her office.

I mainly end up in the kitchen at our table and near the speakers so I can have music on. I fantasise about a writing pod by a lake someday, but it’s never gonna happen.

I’m currently writing this on the sofa in the living room at my Mum’s bungalow. Where do you write? Do you have a desk? Do you have a specific space, a mode of writing?


Essentially some from me and the rest belong to headlines in the Atlas Obscura emails

  1. Catalan Dog
  2. Bloodletting Agent
  3. Slinging Hooks
  4. 60-Day Bed Rest
  5. Squids of Oahu
  6. Cows Around The World
  7. Seaside Fatberg
  8. Fancy Baby Boot
  9. Egyptian Egg Ovens
  10. Unsolved Mysteries


The week in stats:

31.5k ran –  Basically, the Norwich Half Marathon. It’s done. I’m knackered, but finished it in sub-2 hours as planned.





1 x  review published

3 x versions of a pamphlet submission

0 poems drafted or edited in general or for NaPoWriMo

1 x spluttering laughing fit on the way to Blackfriars while listening to Athletico Mince

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