A lot of my day job is spent measuring stuff.

For example, where are we regarding brand metrics? Have we hit our KPIs? How big was the audience for x last night? How many coffees can I get away with before I start seeing into the future?

A commercial industry like the TV industry is in constant need of measurement and metrics, it’s how we trade TV advertising. If you’re not sure of the mechanics or are would like to know more then I recommend a visit to Thinkbox. They are TV’s marketing body and are all brilliant people. I’d also suggest a visit to the BARB website. Both sites are full of insights and honest research about how the TV world is changing, and it is changing: the internet has come along and enhanced as well as challenged the TV world, but it has meant that we can measure lots more things.

I don’t want this to become a blog about TV and online measurement, but what I did start to wonder is that in the days where we have measurement currencies like BARB for TV, UKOM for Online, Route for Outdoor media, JICREG for Regional Press (I’ll always have a soft spot for regional newspapers, having started my research career with Newsquest *cough* years ago. Weirdly, my first boss is friends with Robin Houghton.), etc, should we have a way of reporting the audience figures for poetry magazines, webzines, blogs, etc.

What is the reach of a poem if it’s featured in a magazine? Would we report monthly?  Should we base our submissions on the potential audience of a mag or webzine, etc versus the cache of being in magazine y or blog z?  I guess not, given we’ve been submitting for years, but with so many available now and other factors like submission windows, feedback delays, etc I wonder if it might be a consideration.

There’s lots to consider, as with the world of BARB and project Dovetail, for example, assuming some folks read both, what’s the unique audience for a magazine with a website? Would it lead to a league table? Is it all about audience size?

I don’t think it is, there are opportunities and reasons to be in all sorts of different mags, etc.

I don’t know this answer to this at all, I’m thinking out loud more than anything, but would it make a difference?  It’s not all about a spot in I’m A Celebrity, there are lots of reasons why you might buy spots in smaller shows.

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? Should mags that take advertising publish their audiences figures? Is it ok for mags to be more like Netflix and not have to publish anything if they don’t want to?

The week in stats:

45K ran – Including a 18k this morning, a 10K PB on Friday night and 5K on Saturday and a post-run kebab on Tuesday.

Several poems worked on: Lighters, Goliath, Fish Story, Captain’s Pond, Under Copyright, Bingo

3 x submissions: 2 print mags and 1 web magazine

4 times – Flo has played Taylor Swift’s 1989 this weekend. I am very much fine with this.

1 game of Exploding Kittens

0 Clue as to how to play Exploding Kittens

21 weeks – Poems still with one magazine. Do I give up?

1 birthday for the magnificent Edward Geller

1 curry made on Saturday night

1 x pint of Jam Doughnut beer

1 x appearance in the background of an Instagram story by someone in TOWIE.




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