Turning rouge at rogue strands

There aren’t enough rogues in my life.

There was a Rogue Trooper as a kid.I’m pretty sure the keyboard player in Pete Best’s (an actual Beatle, albeit for about five minutes)  band was called Rogue. He was Pete’s son if I recall. I met them both at the opening of a bar in Liverpool called The Jacaranda.

I’ve knew an assortment of rogues growing up on the mean streets of Worstead, but there’s been a distinct absence of rogues, but now I can say that itch has been scratched again this week when I got a mention on the ever wonderful Rogue Strands website. Who am I kidding, it’s not a mention; it’s an entire post.

I know I’ve got my work cut out for me if I want to take a berth on his much-coveted end of year list, but I’m honoured to be mentioned and very pleased with the kind words from Matthew. He’s a poet that is immensely generous with his praise, his time and his guidance in the poetry “scene” – all the more amazing given he lives in deepest, darkest Spain and works full-time.

I will now have to think of more coherent things to say on a regular basis, but that won’t be today. It’s been a long weekend for one reason or another and I have nothing intelligent to say—some would say much like last week/every week.

I proved that on Friday by missing a crucial word (written) out of the first version of this tweet/awful joke. Also, two hours later I should have said that I was worried that I was struggling to write a poem using only spondees…, still first drafts are still drafts.

The week in stats:

1 trip to emergency care with my father in law – He’s ok, just dehydrated

1 dance performance from my wife and child as part of their end of year performance – Very proud of both of them

1st set of speed intervals – I’m not sure I know what I did, but I did 12 of them

1 personal best for 5K – Go me

1 x run at about 6.30am- Very tiring, but provided me with this photo in Beckenham Place Park

3 x poems worked on: Shed Door, Goldfish poem, Captain’s Pond.  3.5 if you count the UN Supermarket poem written in conjunction with Messrs. Dastidar and Owen

3 x feedback that they need lots more work

1 x poem submitted to a competition

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