If you follow me via the social medias in any way you may have noticed that I’ve had the deep honour to be published on the wonderful Clear Poetry website today.

Ben Banyard – he who runs the site – has taken three (THREE!!!!!) of the poems I sent him. I was gobsmacked when I got the confirmation from him.

You can read them here

As ever, please read these, but stay and read all the other wonderful poets and poems that I now find myself among.

It goes to show you should keep going as I had previously submitted Clear and had a knockback. I think was feel full of bravado when I submitted having been accepted elsewhere a few days before, or it may have been a few bottles of some poncey craft ale wot did it, but either way…I’m over the moon, Geoff!

I have to say thanks to Jen Campbell for Slarver as it was a prompt from a course of hers that, er, prompted the poem in the first place. Check out her brilliant YouTube Channel if you get the chance. It’s chocker with great stuff. Also, her first pamphlet, Hungry Ghost Festival, is a thing of wonder. I’m waiting patiently for the next one.

I have to thank me for the others, so well done me.

You should also read Ben’s book- Communing via Indigo Dreams . It’s a beautiful thing.

Interesting story, when I ordered it, there was much interest in it being delivered to ITV, and the lovely folk at Indigo offered interviews and all sorts. I had to let them down and say that the truth is much more mundane. I just use my work address for ease of delivery and so I have stuff to read on the commute home.

I’m really looking forward to his full collection next year and so should you.

Wow, I’ve written some words on here instead of photos being auto-posted. Whatever next? Maybe someone will read it?