I’m starting to see a pattern here… A coupe of years ago on the day before Harkive my iPod died in the heat the day before , and this year a couple of days before I accidentally deleted my entire iTunes library. Must be Harkive’s fault. Must be. 

So it’s all going well.
Anyhoo, another year and another way of listening to music. A mixture of Apple Music and Amazon now.. Amazon houses my whole collection for use with Sonos, and Apple for the way to work/ day at work.

The commute with Apple Music 
Today starts with Pearl Jam’s Smile as I rush from dropping Flo off at school. Then we’re into searching for a artist starting with A having recently liked a message on Facebook about filling it with music. You know the sort of thing. I’m trying not to default to Afghan Whigs, although the temptation is strong.

Currently it’s Adem’s latest album, Seconds Are Acorns, but as I scroll through the A’s I’m wondering about Ann Sexton and You’ve Been gone too long.

As I keep flicking through, I settle on Alcoholic Faith Mission’s Nut In Your Eye… Sounds really pretty, but with so much menace behind it. It’s good, but as Roy Walker says, it’s not right. Andrew Bird? I was reminded of him by Jim James’ Instagram this morning… But no.

Oh, Aphrodite’s Child, The four Horsemen, maybe. It’s on the list.

Aztec Camera? Avril Lavigne… Got it, Avi Buffalo and Remember Last Time. It’s just bucolic enough for a day like today. Now, is it on YouTube? Yes. yes it is…

At Work in the morning with Amazon music

The search through the As has led me to The Acorn and their Glory Hope Mountain album. It’s a beautiful thing. Although I wish Amazon could improve the search function of their site…

Moving through, I’ve stumbled across Abi Reimold’s Wriggling. I didn’t even know I had this, but it’s good stuff. Very much in the vein, if comparisons are required, of Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. Mask is a standout

I’m still trying to cling to the idea of albums and listen as a whole, although the temptation to skip around is hard to resist.

Albums with singers are tricky to navigate at work as well, I always feel like I totally miss the words that people have taken the time to craft –  which is a shame.

Something that fits that vein is John Beltran’s Music For Machines, and the scrolling through throws up A2B2C2 from that album with Stereometry. Nice, if too short

Then I find Dark Star Deleters by Aerial. I’d first found this lot on a Burning World compilation, and this is a lovely slice of noise.

One last trip through the As and then I need to move on…Afghan Whigs’ version of Oooh Child by the Five Stairsteps . Sadly, it is not on YouTube,  but worth seeking out…


A quick blast of Soulful Sickness by Mickey & The Soul Generation – A recent discovery via a Sad Eagle playlist – always worth a listen

After reading John Mulvey’s half way through 2016 list of albums, I fell hard for the folk guitar of Glenn Jones, so it’s heads down and into Barbecue Bob In Fishtown…

Sun Days – By The Sun Days – Some lovely Scando-pop to accompany a bot of data-wrestling. This is particular is floating my marina

Then into a recent acquisition – Jackie Mittoo – Keyboard King at Studio One. It seems to fit the weather nicely.

As the afternoon winds on I am trying to work through the new Avalanches album. I like it, but it’s not setting my ears on fire…apart from Because I’m Me..that is a monster tune.

Junius Meyvant’s lovely Floating Harmonies album got me through the last part of the working day.
Commute home with Apple Music
And now for commuter hell on the hottest most train-cancelly day of the year.. Explosions in the sky’s The Wilderness… A gorgeous, self-propelling album (whatever that means). I get a little obsessed with Tangle formations and Colours In Space. I saw them for the 4th time at Royal Albert Hall recently and it was just soooooooooo gooooooood. 

It’s likely this will be the last chosen music of the day other than incidental stuff on TV. And so that is/was/Tiswas my #Harkive