Current reading

All in various states of completion and amazement.

Links are mainly to the publishers sites

Kaddy Benyon- Milk Fever
Sian Hughes – The Missing
Suzannah Evans – Confusion Species
Ted Hughes – Collected Poems
Poems In Which – Amy Key, et al
Amy Key – Luxe
Rhian Clarke – Clueless Dogs
Sean Borodale – Bee Journal
Rebecca Goss – Her Birth/The Anatomy of Structures
Emily Berry – Dear Boy
Michael Longley – Snow Water
Hamish Whyte – Hannah, Are You Listening?
Matt Merritt – The Elephant Tests
Deryn Rees-Jones – Burying The Wren
Glyn Maxwell  – Tale Of The Mayor’s Son
Stephen Spender – Dolphins
Angela France – Hide
Ten: The New Wave – A fantastic launch night was held at the RFH recently. Here’s the charming Rishi reading
Michael Symmons Roberts – Drysalter
Robin Houghton – The Great Vowel Shift
Jen Campbell – The Hungry Ghost Festival
Rosemary Tonks – Bedouin Of The London Evening
Liz Berry – Black Country
Fiona Benson – Bright Travellers
Sinead Morrisey – Parallax
Gillian Clarke – Ice/Collected Poems/Making Beds For The Dead
Magma 59
Waiting for the new Rialto to turn up
Ben Wilkinson – For Real
Dannie Abse – Ask The Moon



HG Wells – Tono-Bungay  – I think this could easily be set now and still make sense. Worth  reading by Ad execs and the like too.

I think I love old HG. I read The History of Mr Polly recently and rattled through it. Loved it.


Roy Wilkinson – Do It For Your Mum – Just wonderful, and made me appreciate British Sea Power even more.
Joe Moran  – Armchair Nation – Only two chapters in, but as ever JM has me enthralled about a fascinating subject
Michael Harris –   The End of Absence – Feels contradictory to be reading this on my phone, but none the less and interesting subject. Feels like it should have been a long article, but enjoying it all the same. Also worth a read of this by Lauren Laverne.


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