I thought I would post another couple from the I guess they’re finished, I never know file.

For those of you watching in B&W 

We kiss like snooker balls,
glancing off in different directions
and sink cleanly into pockets
at different ends of the settee.

Garden Leave

Softly, softly catchee monkey, my arse.
Who’s got time for that these days, I ask you?
I was put out to grass,
but I swear I will out last you.

It’s too soon to have gone above & beyond,
and jumped the shark.
So thanks, but no thanks;
It’s an idea we will have to park…

I’m out to seed in a country house
while I have a blue-sky think about my actions.
Time to play with ideas, cause a fuss,
kick up an almighty stink, and gain some traction.

I’m only after my way in a court of law.
I want what’s owed, what’s coming
and I want what for.

Siamese Twins 

He annoys the shite out of me
at least once every month.
We’re closer than most, but
he can be a total cunt.

Twice a year I want to
start running in the other direction
and hope he’s stubborn enough
to hold his ground; honour his intentions.

We often joke that he got the looks,
and I got the legs, but we share the rest.
I say let’s see what takes whom where
and how far each of us gets.

It’s fair to say that in keeping us together
family has played no small part,
but when it all comes down to it;
He hasn’t got the heart.

This one I have been trying to finish for ages, years..You cold say I should keep trying, but I’m calling it, for now.

Of a kidney

Talking to mother across lines and airwaves,
she’s avoiding the issue with this and that;
all doodles and chatter about the welfare
and eating habits of the cat.

How quickly it becomes a part of everything.
The days planned to within an inch, your life grows old.
You take flasks with you now, knowing the tea
is like gnats piss gone cold…

You’re on first name terms with the nurses,
orderlies and ward sisters; bringing in contraband.
You know these corridors
like the back of a veteran porter’s hand.

Your iodined stomach becomes its own cave painting;
daubs of scars telling of skirmishes
dating back longer than we care to remember.
We hang back, in accordance with your wishes.

All of us know
we won’t be asked to play organ donors’ snap.
Card on the table time;
who knows when we may need it back.


Enough, now it’s back to actually working on some of the bits and scraps floating around…