Baby, Baby, Baby

It’s getting closer and no mistake…five weeks and counting…

And then it hit me…I am going to be a dad soon. I had kind of not been thinking about it for a couple of weeks…my brain has been full of kittens, plumbing, work, parental visits and getting to and from Norfolk…then Rach was standing in a doorway the other night (a doorway in our flat, not a shop doorway- times ain’t that hard) with the bump exposed and it all fell into place. I can’t wait for this baby now…it’s back at the forefront of my mind…

Even going to NCT classes had no effect…it was seeing bump, and feeling the odd kick here and there.

I feel a bit of a twat for not having it at the front of my mind, but life has a funny habit of intruding, hey what? (further cliche abuse can be found at

Oh, and to the reviewer of Rance’s Nante book…get a life…and try reading the blurb…it all slots into place.

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